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Your Hepper Pod and Your Kitty

Last Updated: Dec 08, 2014 11:51AM EST
What if my cat doesn't love the Pod at first sight?

Sometimes we get notes from customers who are frustrated because their cat doesn't love their new Pod bed immediately.  We get it - it's an investment and if your cat isn't instantly using the Pod, you might be disappointed.

But don’t worry – not all hope is lost! We have a few tips and tricks you can try below: 

- Remove the top of the Pod Bed for your kitty (some cats don’t like enclosed spaces!)

- Place the Pod Bed in a spot your kitty already loves. Does your kitty just ADORE the left-hand corner of your living room immediately behind your couch? Does your kitty purr in delight snuggled up beside your dresser? Is there a spot of sunlight your kitty can’t just get enough of? Try placing the Pod Bed THERE, and see how it goes! 

- Kitty showing no interest still? Try washing the Pod liner (cold water on the gentle cycle) with a few of your own garments in the same soap you use. After using a low temp to dry the liner, place the Pod liner back inside the pod. Your kitty loves you and maybe just was waiting for a little bed of his or her own that would be close to snuggling with you! 

- Does your kitty have some favorite play toys? Place your kitty’s play toys inside the Pod Bed to encourage your kitty to join them!

- You can also try sprinkling a little bit of catnip inside the Pod Bed for your kitty

Also, don’t forget: sometimes it takes a little bit of time for your cat to adjust to a new toy. Remember when you got those awesome jingly bells or little catnip mice that one time? Kitty may not have shown any interest at first, but now your cat and that toy in particular are the best of best friends and practically inseparable. 

Let us know how it goes! Hopefully you and your kitty will be purring with joy over your new Hepper Pod Bed soon! 

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